Painters Safety Pack

painters safety pack

Our partners at have released a Health and Safety pack Aimed at Painters and decorators. A Generic and easy to edit Safe Work Method Statement is included along with Risk Assessments for Work at Height and Slips, Trips and Falls. The authors have included a number of COSHH Risk Assessments, these are:- Water Based […]

Small Building Works Method Statement With FREE Risk Assessments

Our Sister Site has a new product especially written for the small builder, this contains a method statement and FREE Risk Assessments covering the most common risks found on building sites:- Slips,Trips and Falls. Manual Handling. Work at Height Cutting and Grinding (Abrasive Wheels) These risk assessments are pre completed with generic risks, and […]

Work at Height Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment Contract Name:Address:  Ref: Work Activity covered in this Assessment: Risk Being Assessed: Work at height Initial Risk Assessed as:- HIGH   MEDIUM LOW Fatal/Major Injury/Loss(Certain/Very Likely)PointRange 7 to 9   Lost Time/Disability(Reasonably Likely)PointRange 4 to 6 Minor Injury/Disease/Loss(Seldom/unlikely)PointRange 1 to 3 SCORE=   SCORE= 4 SCORE= Section B-  Control Measures:- Steps taken & […]

Builders Risk Assessment & Method Statement Pack

We have produced a great set of pre completed example method statements, risk assessments including a couple of COSHH assessments as well as blank templates. To purchase these individually would cost well over £100 our special offer of £49.99 (Price Normally £150.00) will get you these:- Method Statements:- Small Building Works Block and Beam Flooring […]

Risk Assessment Examples

Risk Assessments should be carried out where the work will be carried out, this is to ensure that all “site specific” risks have been determined and assessed. For many people, carrying out a Risk Assessment without prior experience would be hard to do correctly, In these circumstances an example pre completed assessment is perfect providing […]

Risk Assessment Template

What is a risk assessment? In very general terms, a risk assessment is when the risks associated with a task or action are assessed to determine what hazards may occur, who could possibly be harmed and how they may be harmed by the risks that have been assessed, as well as what current or proposed […]