Manual Handling

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Manual handling is presently one of the most common workplace risks.  If you or your staff perform manual handling, then you may need a risk assessment to assess the risks associated with your manual handling.

Typical manual handling tasks include manual packing, and the manual handling of bundles, packages and sacks.

Manual handling may be especially onerous for those in the construction or farming industries. The risk of back injury can be high for those engaged in manual handling on a daily basis, and that is why risk assessments are crucial for employers whose employees do manual handling in the workplace. For this reason, you should be sure to use lifting and handling aids to assist you when doing manual handling.

Part B of our Risk Assessment Template with a manual handling example is shown below. Please see our Prices Page for Purchasing Information

ActivityWhat is the Hazard? Harm:-Who or what? What are you already doing? ImprovementsThat you need ActionsWho, When?
Back  and other Injury Workers Use of mechanic devices to be used where possible. For example hydraulic tail lifts on all vehicles. All special items to be assessed for weight and lifting operations/manpower planned.No Heavy items are to be carried up a ladder.  
    Materials to be stored as close as possible to work area by mechanical means if possible. Sack barrows etc. All staff to be made aware of the manual handling hazards, attending a manual handling course to be made available if constant heavy/ outsize items will be used.  
    No persons to attempt to lift and carry any heavy/outsize item without seeking help.Toolbox talks and training to be provided. Manual Handling Courses to be attended by all staff.  
    Assess all routes where items are carried for obstacles or obstructions.    
Additional Measures Current Actions Additional Measures Needed
Trained Supervision All Persons are trained. Manual Handling Courses to be attended by all staff.
Training & Instruction    
Emergency Plans    
Tools and Equipment With Reduced Noise/Vibration    
Date of Review   Review Assessment- Check Progress Review if work changes/product changes and Re-Assess if Reqd.
Tool Box TalkDate    
Reviewed By    


For further manual handling advice, as well as manual handling solutions, please visit the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) website at: