Here is a very simple example risk assessment for cleaning an office :-

What are the hazards? Slips, trips and falls – Members of staff or visitors could slip on wet floors, trip over cables, etc.

What is being done already? Floors are only mopped after hours, and signage is used to warn other persons of wet floors. No trailing electrical cables are used.

Is any further action needed? Work areas are to be subjected to good housekeeping practices and no tripping hazards are to be left in walkways.

Who is responsible? All cleaning staff are responsible, and the supervisor is to inspect and continually monitor the works.

What risk is associated with the cleaning chemicals? Irritation or burns can be caused by the cleaning chemicals.

What is being done already? Company policy is that all substances are subject to a COSHH Assessment or preferably that only “non-toxic/not containing any irritants” and that gloves are worn and work areas are kept well ventilated.

Is any further action needed? All employees are fully trained in the work process and in the use of any substances that maybe harmful.

Who is responsible? The Company management and all cleaning staff and supervisors.

. . . . . . . . . .

This was a basic example of the risk assessment process. Our Method Statement and Risk Assessment Pack contains some worked examples from very basic to more advanced assessments, as well as blank templates in MS Word format for easy editing.

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